we all have that in mind where we think that the kardashians are the trend setters. but personally i  don’t like what they wear most of the time because there isnt any WOW factor . yes, people say that they do this to make them feel beautiful about themselves. but is this beauty when a person cant even recognize you with no makeup ? feeling beautiful about yourself is when you dont have a single drop of makeup on your skin and YET you feel the most gorgeous lady on this planet.

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okay guys seriously tell me that this look that kim always tends to do does it suit? in my opinion no. not at all.

kim has quite a thin face and silky hair but i would really prefer that if she opens her hair and adds a nice volume. this would really balance out her look and specially her face. the middle part doesnt suit her and it doesnt suit everyone. okay lets us take the example of the last picture. doesnt her body look extremely broad? where as her head seems smaller in comparative to her body in that picture alone. this look just seems not complimenting eachother and SPECIALLY her body. i would really say that fashion is not about how much skin you can show or how many expensive clothes you can buy. fashion is what you can make the best out of the little materials you have in your wardrobe and give it your look. and that is your style.



the first picture is quite sophisticated and not to revealing. i would say a good blend of colours with slight different shade of them. As you can see in the second one i really love the way kim added her touch to this elegant black dress. that silk jacket looks stunning and kim keeping her hair loose gives it even a more better look. the third picture is my personal fav because i really like how she stepped out of the comfort zone. she looks like a beautiful red mermaid and that jewelllery is really complimenting the look. i love the way her hair looks with nice amount of volume and her appearance looks balanced.

well this was my personal opinion. if you have your opinions or so please do comment.


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