Amy schumer mocks khole kardashian about healthier life style?

I was really unhappy after i watched SNL SHOW when Amy schumer commented about khloe Kardashian’s appearance. I would say that we are no one to comment or degrade about anyone in anyform. Because it is their wish what they want to do and lets get real it is their money they are spending. Not ours ! 

Now-a-days girls are much more practical and are embracing that everyone is unique with what features they are blessed with. I would really say these celebs are really under pressure on how they look and therefore at times they go under the knife. So we shouldn’t judge them without knowing their story. Okay back to the topic ! 

I am glad that khole is choosing a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. We should encourage her instead of mocking her about it. Amy did say that the kardashians are not the best examples for girls but noo i dont think women take them as examples for plastic surgery. They take them for fashion clothing. So for this i would really say to amy to get her facts straight. I am happy with what khole did. Instead of hiding she commented back and took a stand for herself. 

Life isnt about eating junk food all the time and dont care about your health , weight etc etc. NO ! Because girls have this constant notion that if they eat junk food it means they are being themselves. I AM SORRY BUT I DONT BELIEVE IN THIS. Lets get real Taking care of your health means you’re being yourself. Taking care of your skin means you’re being yourself. Dressing properly means you’re being yourself.  



6 thoughts on “Amy schumer mocks khole kardashian about healthier life style?

  1. I haven’t watch it yet but you’re right to stand up and say how you felt about someone else criticizing other person’s weight for the sake of show business entertainment is a no no.

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