Fashion is incomplete when you dont take care of your skin.

What is the use of wearing stylish clothes, looking all classy when your face has no glow ? No point. Rather than spending hundreds of dirhams in parlour when you can do some home remedies and get flawless results. I have tried these and these have worked amazingly well on my skin. So number 1 home rememdy would be turmeric powder+ chickpea flour+ice cold milk.

1 tlbsp chickpea flour

Tip of turmeric powder

Milk as much it takes to make the mixture into a fine paste. 

chickpea flour helps shrinking the pimple and cleans the skin. While turmeric helps reduce the tan from your face and gives your face a nice glow.

Apply it on face and leave till it dries. You can use milk to loosen or soften the mask. Then rinse with luke warm water. Then apply ice (as ice helps to close the pores thus reducing the skin to breakout.) then pat dry. I would recommend to apply this mask at night. 

 2nd remedy is milk+oatmeal. 

1 tlbsp oats

As much milk as you like to make till it becomes liquid.

When the mixture is ready apply it on your face evenly and leave till it dries when you will remove the mask off your face move your hand in circular motion but without water because oatmeal will act like a natural exfoliate and will help remove dead skin. Once done you can wash your face with luke warm water. This will make your skin moisturized and quite soft.

If you apply these masks atleat 3-4 times a week yoir skin will me gorgeous.  

If you want to know any other remedy do comment and i will post it here for you. I hope this was of some help.


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