Fashion means wearing high brands ? 

People constantly have this thinking in mind  that if they wear high end brands only then they are fashionable. Majority of blogger do that too while persuading other girls to buy it as well. But one thing that we forget is not everyone can afford high brands. Not everyone have a job so that they can buy whatever they want to. They often skip or never think from this perspective.

I have been to debenhams, mango, zara, H&M, new look etc etc but not a single thing caught my eye. Trust me when i say this. All of the clothes in all of these brands were of same style and most importantly nothing was unique at all! 

I would really say if you go to the street you would find some amazing fashion. Unique style clothes . It sounds weird but seriously much better products than what they have in high brands. The next place from where you can shop can be splash fashions and max ! It is affordable yet fashionable too. They have the best shirts, casual dresses and some good quality jewellery. The jewellery there are seriously stylish. Why would you want to cost yourself a fortune buying one thing from a high brand when you can buy numerous of things from somehwere else, which are comparatively better. You know 

  Girls my advice will always be that spend how much your pocket allows you too. Not more than that ! Go wear what’s in… Wear what suits you ! What please you and your eye. You can be fashionable if you don’t buy clothes from high brands. Always remember it is all in the mind.


6 thoughts on “Fashion means wearing high brands ? 

  1. To me, fashion means creating your own style, be comfortable what you are wearing and be confident strutting down the street of what you are wearing. Beats wearing animal on your skin and big brands that scream “I am rich”!

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      1. EXACTLY ! That is the point you see. You shouldnt really run behind brands just to fit in. And in my opinion one fashion style doesnt suit all. People should wear what suits on them and how much they can afford.

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      2. Totally agree with you!! I have seen teenagers forgo their lunches just to save up for the latest bag. By the time they bought it, there will be another bag, and another and another…. Endless.


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