Life is strange.

Well my life has been full of ups and downs. As they as say of you dont have ups amd downs in your life then you’re practically dead. I dont regret the bad decisions. But one thing that breaks me down the most is when life doesnt go according to what you plan. When you do exact same things to make life go according to your plan but nope life has to give surprises. 

Same with me. Since i was in grade 5 i always wanted to study fashion designing. My mom always told to take admission in AUS if i want to  pursue fashion designing for my further studies. I always kept that university in my mind when i ised to give my exams. Then by the time i was in grade 7 our family got into crisis and i still didnt lose hope. I still had a target in mind of joining AUS then a great internship after that a good job for couple of years and when i think i am ready i will open my own boutique.. But my family kept on going into more and more crisis. So by the time I graduated my Olevels my family and i were still in that same position. So i had no other choice than to take admission in januray.

When months past by i started changing the university i wanted to go to in because of the fee. Found the most affordable university for the january intake and now it seems like i will have to skip this to. Have a gap year then…

Now at this point i seriously dont know what my life has planned for me. Where will i study. I never expected all this to happen in my wildest dreams. Staying at home has showed me so much. That no matter how long your friendship is, it can be broken within a blink of an eye. Trusting the wrong people… In short everything. 

Now i am just waiting for the next surprise that my life is gonna throw at my face. 😕


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