My most fav weather of all the year becuase in dubai winter is quite rare. IT IS THE SEASON WHERE YOU CAN WEAR ANY COLOUR. Gorgeous velvet red, mustard yellow. I just love winter vibes specially those cold nights with a mug of hot coffee in your hand and just looking at the view. Hanging out just by yourself. Ahhhh what a feel. Isnt it ? 


Just take a moment to completely adore her and the fact that she is a mother ? 

She is rocking the outfit so gracefully. All balck with a slight punch of red adding an energy to her look as well as her outfit. Whether it is winter or summer heels are always a must for girls. Her outfit gives a roght balance to her body. Not to petite not to heavy.. Just right. Girls if you wear this look on the street with confidence i am sure of guys asking your number or atleast you’ll be the next hot topic to discuss about *wink* *wink*

It seems that blake loves to dress up black over all with a burst of one specific colour. Here she is wearing a black long coat with black tights and knee high black boot, heels ofcourse. I like what she did with the hand bag. That brown colour looks good being paired with black and blue. That blue scarf adds a great touch to the plain look.


last but not the least our most sexy celebrity. I love how her look is simple, comfortable and casual. Black leather jacket with dark grey long scarf around the neck. Black skinny jeans with brown long boots. People usually change the colour of their scarf of their coat but i like the different colour of the boot jennifer Aniston did. 


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